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LibraryThing is a site that makes it pretty easy to make a list of all the books in your personal library. After you enter all your books, it can show you interesting statistics, such as how common or rare your books are, or which user shares the most books with you. In my case I was amused and pleased to see that the highest number of shared books belongs to Erik Naggum!

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As it turns out, the creator of LibraryThing lives just a few miles from me here in Portland. Small world!



oh my, thats a splendid time waster. Mine is here. Incomplete of course.
Now that I've hit the 200 book limit on free accounts, I'm unlikely to pay so I can enter more. There are too many issues with the interface--and I know it's a beta, but the whole thing feels like a web app designed by developers who don't know that much about designing a web app.


Have you checked out Amazon's Your Media Library?

Have you tried using Amazon's Your Media Library (http://www.amazon.com/gp/ays)? It provides unlimited items for free. It also has some cool webapp interface stuff like their collection list is a single scrolling list. I'd recommend it

fun, but

Aaaaaaaaargh it's slow.



Have you seen the librarything unsuggester? http://www.librarything.com/unsuggester

At time of writing this, the pictures on the right of that page suggest that if you like Paul Graham, you wil not enjoy Wuthering Heights