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check yourself

Yesterday I found out I probably had testicular cancer. Today I had it surgically removed. The doctor said there is generally a >99% cure rate. I think things will work out fine.

Testicular cancer usually occurs in men between the ages of 18 and 35. It has a high level of treatability, but also a high level of growth. Early detection and treatment is key. If you are a male, perform self-exams on a regular basis and see your doctor if you notice anything unusual.




What are we looking for?

Im assuming we should be looking for unusal lumps or bumps, anything else?

Re: What are we looking for?

Yeah, I'm like, they're kinda lumpy to start with, right.

Re: What are we looking for?

in my case it was a very pronouned change in texture. rather than soft n spongy it was pretty firm like a walnut.

in general though i think you will probably notice something that is weird.
Wow, that is really scarey. Glad you are going to be OK. Will you have to do any sort of follow-up treatment?
Yes. More tests in the coming weeks to see how thing sare going.


Crap! That must have been scary... *Best of luck* with that!

No worries, dude. Get well soon with the treatment.


Had it 19 years ago

Hi Zach,
I have been in your situation 19 years ago. I was 26, and am about to be 45. I found a mass, the testicule was painful, and went to the hospital for a check. They told me that it may be testicular cancer and asked me to come a few days later for a biopsy and surgical removal, in case it was indeed a cancer. Which is was. It was a very early stage and they also told me that the rate of cure for this type of cancer, taken at that stage, was in the vicinity of 99%. I had to go through checks for 5 years, and then they told me that it was over. I'm still there 19 years after. Scary at the time but in the end the probability proved right...! It basically changed my life, or mostly my perspective about life and the other people around me. So, believe me, if you have any doubt, things are very very likely to be ok for you. And you may find in the end, as it was for me, that this event will make you more aware of certain things and make you a wiser and happier person. I wish you all the best. Denis
I'm glad to hear you'll almost certainly be OK. But I think a 1% chance of dying is larger than most Americans experience regularly; it's about the same level of risk as driving
500000 miles. Best wishes.