Zach Beane (xach) wrote,
Zach Beane

Common Lisp bits

The Internet Archive has a giant tarball of old Lucid stuff, a 3.6GB download. Here's a file index, 1MB. The dump includes:
It's unclear who published this dump on and what they expect people to do with it. As Rainer Joswig points out, "this dump does not mean there is a usable license" for anything it contains.

Gábor Melis's mgl-pax is an exploratory programming environment and documentation generator. Gábor presented PAX at ELS.

Challenging Clojure in Common Lisp, by Chris Kohlhepp. Uses Kenny Tilton's Cells!

You can now create OS X apps in mocl. There's a 15-minute screencast demo of a Planet Lisp app.

SBCL now has an MPFR contrib that provides "arbitrary precision arithmetic on floating-point numbers". It will be available in the next release after 1.1.18.

SBCL now has an ARM port. It is incomplete but under active development.

Mariano Montone is working on CLDM, a distributed dependency manager.

Videos for the 7th European Lisp Symposium are now available. There are two sets: Monday's videos and Tuesday's videos.

Jeff Massung recently published a ton of useful LispWorks-specific libraries. Apache licensed.
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