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Planet Lisp meta-news

I've added several new blogs to Planet Lisp. Vsevolod Dyomkin, Pixel, Jorge Tavares, and Quicklisp news.

I hesitated to add the Quicklisp blog, because I really prefer blogs written from a personal perspective and not product announcement blogs. I hope you find the addition more informative than irritating.

I also removed several blogs that have not been updated with Lisp-tagged content in more than a year: François-René Rideau, Peter Seibel, Dmitry Kalyanov, Kevin Reid, and Simon Leinen. (If Peter blogs about the toot project I'll have to add him back in...)



RSS feed

Hi Zach

i can't find the RSS feed for this blog. Where is it?


Re: RSS feed

Which one?

Re: RSS feed

Well, actually for both http://planet.lisp.org/ and http://xach.livejournal.com/

The one for http://planet.lisp.org/ i have found already.

However can't find the one for http://xach.livejournal.com/ nowhere on your blog.


Re: RSS feed

Correction: My blog has been active over the past year; it merely has had nothing in the Lisp category. (Which is a fine reason to remove it.)
Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the post to clarify.