Zach Beane (xach) wrote,
Zach Beane

Hunchentoot changes

Here's a note from Hans Hübner on the Hunchentoot mailing list:

From: Hans Hübner
Subject: Upcoming Hunchentoot release - Web design wanted
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 12:08:42 +0100


as you may have seen from the revision log
there has been a fair amount of change to Hunchentoot in the recent
weeks and Edi is planning to make a new release soon.

Here are the highlights of what has been changed:

- Logging has been overhauled.  There are now two generic function
and can be specialized on a per-acceptor basis.  By default,
Hunchentoot now logs to the console instead of being silent.
- Error handling and reporting has been reworked.  Internal errors are
handled more gracefully.
- The default request handler is gone.  By default, Hunchentoot now
generates a 404 message if an unknown URL is requested.
- Error message generation can now be customized on a per-acceptor
fashion.  Also, code to generate error messages from HTML template
files has been added.
- By default, Hunchentoot now serves static files.  A document tree
including a simple "It works!"-like home page, the documentation in
HTML format and customized error pages will be distributed with
Hunchentoot and served by default.
- Robustness changes from ITA
- Various smaller bug fixes

Before making a release, I would like to improve the looks of the
standard document tree and the error pages a little.  Does someone
have web design skills that they want to contribute?  If so, please
have a look at the current development version (svn co and me patches.  I'm not looking for
anything too fancy.  Good looks can't hurt, though! :)

Tags: lisp
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