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The PDF version of the ANSI Common Lisp standard

If you poke around on ANSI's website you can find a place to buy your own official electronic PDF copy of the Common Lisp standard. Do not buy! It's a low-resolution scan of a printed document, and looks like garbage.

This is not news to the nerds in the know, but just yesterday poor Quadrescence had to learn the lesson the hard way. Don't let his $30 go to waste - learn from his mistake.



From Naggum

"The bad PDF document looks like evidence of a passive-aggressive personality disorder hard at work."




Unfortunately, I also bought a copy of this a couple of months ago only to be disappointed. To add insult to injury, when I first bought it they gave me a bad link and I had to contact support to get access to it (they provided a temporary FTP link to the spec).

So, on the bright side, I had about 24 hours of expectation before my hopes were dashed by the abysmal results of what appears to be a 1980's scanner.
That's upsetting. But the CLHS hosters/owners could convert it to a printable form and sell it as well.


Sad to hear such shameful thing. Still re-Reading about ANSI interactions in "Common Lisp the untold story, by Kent Pitman"

Here is another link from Naggum website - individual chapters also included in menu format.

I've downloaded them myself, printed and wire-bind them.