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I just started a little project to make my life easier when starting little projects. It's called quickproject and it creates the skeleton of a project for me. Here's an example of how I might use it:

* (quickproject:make-project "~/src/sitescraper/" :depends-on '(drakma cxml cl-ppcre))

That function call creates a bunch of files with the appropriate contents:

  • README.txt has a note to write more about the project
  • sitescraper.asd defines the system and includes whatever :depends-on bits I passed to make-project
  • package.lisp defines a package named "SITESCRAPER"
  • sitescraper.lisp has the beginning of my project. Hacks and glory await!

It also extends the ASDF registry so I can immediately use (asdf:load-system 'sitescraper) to get started.

There are other projects that do similar things, like clbuild's make-project command. This is my take on the idea. (I haven't made a proper release for it, yet, sorry, so you'll have to get it from git.)



I think you mean (ql:quickload ...) or (asdf:load-system ...) there (-:
Oops, right. Good catch.


Other approaches

I've always been interested to see what CLers do for their own library (internal and third-party) and project maintenance/generation management. I think it'd be especially interesting to see what groups of career CL developers do without the presence of a QuickLisp or comparable set up.