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Leaves in the wind

Erik Naggum's library is for sale. Here's the catalog. From the cover page of that document:

Richard Phillips
Book seller
2 Princes Buildings
George Street BATH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1225 463993

Books from the Library of Erik Naggum.


THIS catalogue contains books from the library of Erik Naggum (1965 – 2009), the Norwegian computer programmer. Wikipedia has an entry on him which provides an outline of his achievements.

While computing is by far the largest topic, with many languages, from Lisp and C++ to Dylan and Python well -represented, and numerous items on database design to artificial intelligence, there is also a considerable quantity of philosophy, mathematics, and general reference and English language material, and a decent number of titles on Objectivism.

A table of contents is provided to help in locating material. Please also use ctrl-F; an author you may be seeking can be in more than one subject area – for example Feynman in computing and physics.

Finally, I would like to thank Erik’s family for their assistance.

Richard Phillips.

Cat 01. June 2010.

The catalog is 93 pages and seems to cover 1,223 items for sale.

Tags: naggum

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