November 6th, 2013

New Common Lisp projects feed on github is back

A while ago I created an Atom feed for new Common Lisp projects on github. Unfortunately, the github page from which it scraped its data was removed a few months ago. Fortunately, Matt Niemeier just sent me a patch to the github scraper to make it work with the github API. Thanks, Matt!

So if you want to see a daily feed of new Common Lisp stuff on github, point your favorite feed reader here:


Common Lisp for a bike website

Here's a neat use of CL: a bike configurator expert system. A few details are available. Here's a bit I liked:

Bike Friday builds so many bicycles that to photograph everything would not be possible. Even with the limited component selection displayed in the cartoons there are over 15,000 cartoons generated just for the ~130 starting designs so far in the system.

The cartoon generator works by using CXML to load a master SVG file, remove all but the appropriate layers for a given model, and then colorizing different parts of the bike using a mix of SVG patterns and RGB hex codes depending on the bike and color selection. It then uses ImageMagick to convert the generated SVG file to JPG.

You can read more on reddit.