January 2nd, 2013

Dr. David McClain code release

Dr. McClain has been working on cool Common Lisp stuff for many years, and now he's starting to release some of his code.
Well, it has been more than 20 years with Lisp in earnest... I'm sitting on a gold mine of great code that I have
used over the entire period, and still use daily in my work. But it seems the Lisp community is a bit short on
libraries of code. No point sitting on all this stuff till I die...

One of the (many) great things I have found with Lisp is that Code Rot (I always called this Bit-Rot, but I
realize that I'm wrongly attributing when I do that) is almost a non-problem, compared to just about every
other language system that I have used in my 40+ year career. I'm still using a large body of code that I wrote
nearly 15-20 years ago and has never needed any maintenance.

My code generally grows organically to supply solutions to problems I am facing in my own work. I generally
don't write libraries for others to use. And that will show through in a lot of what I share with the world.
C'est la vie...
You can read the rest of his message on the lisp-hug archive. His github page is here.