July 20th, 2012

Java GUIs with ABCL

Frederico S. Muñoz posted an interesting message to abcl-devel:

I've been playing around with ABCL for some days now, especially in terms of the Java interop abilities and Swing. This is because I was searching for a Lisp that could be easily used for cross-platform GUI programming and easy deployed (for the user). This narrowed it down to the several JVM-based Lisps (ABCL, Kawa, etc) and Clojure.

While I like Clojure - and "lein uberjar" is a great facility, for example - I'm more confortable in CL, so I did this two small examples that can perhaps be useful as a way to compare ABCL's different interop facilities with themselves and Clojure. In a way I used this to get a "feel" on how things would work out and make a decision.

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