March 11th, 2012

Lisp Games Wiki

Here's some news from David O'Toole:

Visit the Lisp Games Wiki and add your knowledge!

What is the Lisp Games Wiki, you ask? It's a community portal and knowledge-base for people working with Lisp, games, and multimedia.

Right now the wiki is in a good state, with overviews of available software, and pointers to many relevant Lisp libraries and projects for each dialect. (All variants of Lisp are welcome on the wiki, from Parenscript to Schemebricks to Common Lisp to Emacs Lisp). There are also a fair number of original informational articles where people have written up ideas or made suggestions.

But we want more! The game development space is changing all the time, and keeping the wiki up to date is very important. HTML5 and Parenscript are just a few of the new possibilities to keep track of (and explore for your own projects.)

Please visit and look around. Feel free to add your own knowledge and links!