March 2nd, 2012

Boston Lisp meeting: awesome

Daniel Herring did a great job pulling together 14 interested Lispers at short notice to socialize at the Cambridge Brewing Company last night. I got a chance to talk (sometimes briefly) to Daniel, Alastair Bridgewater, Marc Battyani, Daniel Lowe, Stephen Compall, Keith Corbett,  Juan José García Ripoll, and François-René Rideau, Nichaulas, and more.

There was no speaker and no agenda; we just sat around a table and hand good food and drink for three hours, chatting about Common Lisp (ASDF, ECL, the package system, project granularity, Quicklisp, etc), computing, children (many of us have young kids), and how much fun it is to get together. I sent a handful of tweets out using the #BostonLisp hashtag at Kent Pitman's suggestion.

As a result of the fun, Faré will put together another meeting soon (possibly April). I hope to talk about Quicklisp, probably along the lines of what I spoke about in October at the European Common Lisp Meeting. If there was a flaw last night, it was that the long, narrow table encouraged discussion between small, constant groups. I look forward to a future gathering where it's a bit easier to amble around and join different discussions.

Hope to see you next time!