November 22nd, 2011

CCL on Android

From Gary Byers on the Clozure CL mailing list:

Early in the year, I got CCL running (for at least some value of
"running") on Android.  It was of somewhat limited utility (there are
only so many times that you can call (FACT 1000) on your phone before
the thrill wears off), but anything of greater utility - something
that could be used to develop Android applications - would have to
start somewhere.  I haven't had too much time to work on it since, and
when I tried building it from current trunk sources a month or two ago
I found that bitrot had set in.  Once in a great while, someone asked
about the (fairly old) binaries that were in svn, and the Android port
was mentioned in passing in the iOS discussion a few weeks ago.

The bitrot seems to have been relatively minor, and I was able to get
it working (for some value of "working" ...) again today and updated
the binaries in svn.  If anyone has interest, some spare time, and a
suitable Android device, I can explain how to install and run those
binaries and how to build them from source; since (AFAIK) I'm the only
person who's ever run it, I'm curious as to whether or not it works
for anyone else.

This is still a sort of spare-time project for me, but I think that
it's potentially interesting and would like to put more spare time
into it than I have over the last several months.  If anyone's still
interested, read on ...

Read the whole message here. The thread has some followup.