November 8th, 2011

Implementation updates galore

In the past few weeks, three CL implementations have been updated.

ABCL 1.0.0 is now available. There aren't a ton of major changes from 0.27.0, but there is a psychological change. ABCL is ready to use and you should try it out.

CMUCL 20c is now available. It's been about a year since the last release.

SBCL 1.0.53 is now available. SBCL releases every month so you might not find this too exciting. However, if you find 63-bit fixnums exciting, you might 1.0.53 exciting, because it can provide them to you.

Planet Lisp meta-news

I've added several new blogs to Planet Lisp. Vsevolod Dyomkin, Pixel, Jorge Tavares, and Quicklisp news.

I hesitated to add the Quicklisp blog, because I really prefer blogs written from a personal perspective and not product announcement blogs. I hope you find the addition more informative than irritating.

I also removed several blogs that have not been updated with Lisp-tagged content in more than a year: François-René Rideau, Peter Seibel, Dmitry Kalyanov, Kevin Reid, and Simon Leinen. (If Peter blogs about the toot project I'll have to add him back in...)