September 8th, 2011

ECLM 2011

I got a note this morning from Arthur Lemmens and Edi Weitz:

Hi everybody,

We'd like to remind everybody that it is still possible to register
for the European Common Lisp Meeting 2011 in Amsterdam. We're sending
this reminder because the number of registrations so far has been
pretty low. In fact, it is far away from what we expected and used as
the basis for our calculations. With 47 participants (as of September
7) we'll make a loss of almost 2,000 Euros and we'd need roughly 25
more registrations to not end up in the red.

Maybe this email can convince at least some of those who haven't
registered yet to change their minds. Or maybe you know someone you
think you should forward this to. (Also, feel free to blog about it
or use other means to disseminate this message.)

More details about the ECLM can be found here:

We're looking forward to meeting all of you in October and we're still
hoping to see at least as many fellow Lispers as in the last years.

Arthur & Edi.

I'm going. Hope to see you there, too!