February 14th, 2011

Gábor Melis screencast interview now more easily viewed

A little while ago I complained about being unable to view the online conversation with Google AI Contest winner Gábor Melis because it required registration and a particular browser/operating system combination. Elliot Johnson recently commented on that post:

Hey Xach,

We saw this post and decided it was worth our while to fix the situation. Our marketing staff likes the registration part, so that's still there, but no browser restrictions are in place and it's written in AllegroServe to boot.

The new link to visit is now on the page you link to above as well as right here:



Franz Inc Staff via Elliott

I can confirm that while a registration-like step remains, it's pretty painless.

Hunchentoot changes

Here's a note from Hans Hübner on the Hunchentoot mailing list:

From: Hans Hübner
Subject: Upcoming Hunchentoot release - Web design wanted
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 12:08:42 +0100


as you may have seen from the revision log
there has been a fair amount of change to Hunchentoot in the recent
weeks and Edi is planning to make a new release soon.

Here are the highlights of what has been changed:

- Logging has been overhauled.  There are now two generic function
and can be specialized on a per-acceptor basis.  By default,
Hunchentoot now logs to the console instead of being silent.
- Error handling and reporting has been reworked.  Internal errors are
handled more gracefully.
- The default request handler is gone.  By default, Hunchentoot now
generates a 404 message if an unknown URL is requested.
- Error message generation can now be customized on a per-acceptor
fashion.  Also, code to generate error messages from HTML template
files has been added.
- By default, Hunchentoot now serves static files.  A document tree
including a simple "It works!"-like home page, the documentation in
HTML format and customized error pages will be distributed with
Hunchentoot and served by default.
- Robustness changes from ITA
- Various smaller bug fixes

Before making a release, I would like to improve the looks of the
standard document tree and the error pages a little.  Does someone
have web design skills that they want to contribute?  If so, please
have a look at the current development version (svn co
http://bknr.net/svn/ediware) and me patches.  I'm not looking for
anything too fancy.  Good looks can't hurt, though! :)