January 22nd, 2011

Linj now available under the MIT license

Several years ago I saw slides for a project called Linj. It looked like a neat idea: translate a CL-like language to idiomatic Java source, so even if a project mandated Java you could at least do it in a Lispy environment.

At the time it was available only under a non-commercial license, and then after a few years the project was completely unavailable.

A few months ago at ILC I ran into the author of Linj, António Menezes Leitão. He said the project was somewhat bitrotted and he was open to releasing it as-is for anyone to use.

A few days ago he sent me the tarball and documentation, so I've created a github project for it. He gave me permission to update the license, so I've added the MIT license. Anyone can use it for any purpose, commercial or not.

Please note that it's not supported by António, me, or anyone else. I asked him to release it in the hopes that someone would find it interesting or informative. As far as support, documentation, bugfixes, etc., you're on your own.