October 28th, 2010

Idle questions

I'm wondering two things today.

Do you use Parenscript? Vladimir Sedach recently released Parenscript 2.2, and it seems to build everything fine, except teepeedee2. John Fremlin says it's Parenscript's problem. I've talked to some other people who have griped about Parenscript 2's development direction. On the other hand, I don't use Parenscript personally and a few people have reported that Parenscript 2 works just fine. So if you use Parenscript, do you use the latest version, 2.2? Has the experience been positive or negative?

Second, what's up with Postabon? I wrote about it almost a year ago as an example of a startup choosing Common Lisp. Now the name has changed to Signpost and there's no indication that the current technology stack involves Common Lisp at all any more. The most vocal Lisp nerd at Postabon, Shaneal Manek, is no longer mentioned on their Signpost Team page. So is this another case of a startup starting with Lisp but switching to something else for whatever reason? If you know, tell me.