April 30th, 2010

post laptop

I'm using my laptop with decreasing frequency for casual stuff. It now feels like it has glaring flaws compared to the iPad.

  • It's an older macbook, and the viewing angles on the display are pretty terrible and it looks kinda dim
  • The display is getting pretty grimy
  • The battery life is especially bad when watching videos (it's not great otherwise)
  • Watching videos makes the bottom heat up and the fans kick in at ever-increasing volume levels
  • The wake-up time feels obnoxious. Hard-drive spin up delay now seems annoyingly antique.

These of these things would be fixed with a newer generation of MacBook or MacBook Pro, an SSD, etc. But for now, I'm getting more and more reluctant to open up the laptop for casual use.

(The laptop's still great for extended periods of writing or hacking, though.)


I hate it when people reply to a lengthy mailing list post or usenet article only to write +1 or similar, especially if the original post isn't trimmed. Why was it stupid when AOLers wrote incessant contentless me-toos but acceptable to do essentially the same thing now?