April 21st, 2010

iPhone 3GS is awesome

My iPhone 3G broke. The Home button stopped working. My options were to do get it "repaired" for $199 (actually just a straight replacement), upgrade to a 3GS for $199, or get some other kind of phone. I upgraded to a 3GS, and it's pretty awesome.

  • The camera is way, way better, with much closer focus. I used to have trouble getting clear shots of documents (e.g. prescriptions, receipts, etc) with my 3G. Not a problem with 3GS.
  • The combination of the better camera and faster overall speed makes the RedLaser app really fast and really accurate
  • The screen stays clean
  • It's a lot faster at launching apps and loading websites
  • Voice Control is neat. It took me several days to Google how to activate it (hold down the Home button for a while)
  • Map location seems more accurate

It sucked to have my old phone break, but I'm glad I upgraded.

The 5%

This interview with Jim Koch on his beer business reminded me a tiny bit of how I think about Common Lisp sometimes, particularly:

WSJ: Could craft beer ever represent the biggest segment of the industry?

Mr. Koch: No. I hope not. Because that would mean we dumbed the beer down for volume, and I don't ever want to see that. I used to say I make beer for 5% of beer drinkers.

The analogy isn't great, but still.

Lego fun

Shanna bought a Lego Power Miners set for a nephew for Christmas, but the planned Christmas party never happened so it sat in our closet for months. Erik and I got it out on Saturday night and it was a blast. It was the first standard-sized Lego I've used in a long time, and it destroyed my previous impression of Lego theme sets as a bunch of special-purpose, one-use parts. Although there were a couple gimmicky parts (a flexing "titanium" chopper arm and a water gun), the rest of the 180-ish pieces are crying out for custom designs of some kind.

Unfortunately, it was a little hard to get Erik involved. I really wanted to follow the instructions, and we kept losing little parts on the floor, and he was left playing around with the minifigs while I assembled things by the book for 30 minutes.

Maybe our next project with the set can be a few spaceships or something.