February 10th, 2010

"Perl hackers do not get angry with stupidity and ignorance -- they thrive on it."

* Thomas F. Burdick
| Heh. I don't think it's Lisp as much as usenet that causes fuses to
| shorten. God knows I get a short fuse if I don't kill Foderado's
| threads. But it is kind of funny that you don't come across outraged
| Perl hackers that often ... maybe they just get so used to being wronged,
| having to deal with that horror of a language all day long, that they
| stop fighting back?

There is also a difference between the proverbial bull in a china shop
and a bull loose on a garbage dump. You would spend rather more energy
getting rid of the former before it damaged something valuable than you
would the latter. You might even tolerate more "collateral damage" if
what you protect is really beautiful than if it is butt ugly.

— from Re: Destructive Side Effects in the Erik Naggum cll archive.