November 9th, 2009

Planet Lisp meta-news

In the past few days I've made a number of updates and changes to Planet Lisp. If you normally read the Planet via a feed, you will need to visit the site to see some of them.

  • Added upcoming Lisp meetings in the sidebar; easily find Lisp meetings!
  • Added embedded version of the CL-USER Google map in the sidebar; easily find Lisp users!
  • Changed the appearance somewhat to get rid of big horizontal rectangles and lines
  • Removed a number of feeds that had not updated in more than a year; that included some important past contributors like Juho Snellman (last updated in December of 2007) and Kevin Rosenberg.

As always, if you have a blog that's at least partly about Common Lisp, please send me a link so I can consider it for Planet Lisp.