October 27th, 2009

ALU mailing lists

Here's a note Ernst van Waning wanted me to share with you:

Dear Lisper,

ALU, the Association of Lisp Users, has opened two mailing lists.

One mailing list, ALU-discuss@alu.org is intended for discussion amongst ALU members and interested parties. We hope that the contents of ALU-discuss will be of high quality. Spammers and flamers are not welcome and will be banned.

The other mailing list, ALU-announce@alu-org is intended for the ALU board to announce things that may be important to you. The ALU-announce list is intended to be of low traffic volume, usually only a few messages per year.

With these channels we hope to have more communication with the Lisp community and learn how to better serve you as Lispers.

To get announcements from ALU, join ALU-announce@alu.org at http://www.alu.org/mailman/listinfo/alu-announce and follow the instructions you will find there.

To take part in ALU discussions, join ALU-discuss@alu.org at http://www.alu.org/mailman/listinfo/alu-discuss and follow the instructions you will find there.

We sincerely hope these mailing lists will contribute to communication and cooperation within our community. Although we send this message to attendees of the last two ILCs, the lists are open so anyone can view and contribute. We hope you like it.

Kindest regards,

Ernst van Waning,

President, ALU

screen reattaching

I've set up a system where screen gets up-to-date information about my forwarded ssh-agent connections. It works ok, but it's a little fragile in the face of multiple connections to the server.

My problem would be much easier to solve if screen had some notion of "run this command whenever reattaching", but I couldn't find something like that in the manual. Is there something I missed?

(I'd like not to resort to something like a screen-reattach shell script that calls screen, but I will if I have to...)