September 16th, 2009

Lisp and games

I've seen a lot of game-related Lisp info popping up lately.

David O'Toole's blog has a lot of entries about his game-in-progress, Blast Tactics, but he also links to a lot of other interesting game stuff. In the past few days he pointed out Luke Crook's list of LISPBUILDER-SDL projects and new, improved LISPBUILDER-SDL documentation.

Bart Botta demonstrated a concise model viewer that uses his bindings to the Open Asset Import Library, and showed a screenshot, too:

3d model

John O'Laughlin wrote about a Lisp Scrabble work-in-progress and showed some tiles he was working on with Vecto:

Someone also pointed out a neat looking video of a Lisp game in progress, The Broken Vow.

It's done with Corman Lisp and some popular graphics, phyics, and audio libraries.

Are you working on a neat game in Lisp? Tell me more about it.