June 24th, 2009

Bay Area Lisp meeting on July 19, 2009

This sounds pretty cool:

So finally, here is the skinny on the Sunday, July 19th in the big
conference room at Franz Inc:

6:00pm ~ Meet in front of the Franz office (2201 Broadway, Suite 715,
Oakland, CA 94612). The kind folks at Franz Inc will herd us cats up
to their big conference room before 6:15.

6:15pm ~ Introduction to Clojure

Amit Rathore will give an introduction to Clojure aimed at lispers.

6:45pm ~ Milk and cookies (http://www.meetup.com/balisp/polls/189504/)

7:00pm ~ Coders at Work: The Lisp Perspective

Peter Seibel talks about the interviews from his new book Coders at
Work (http://www.codersatwork.com/),
particularly what his subjects had to say about Lisp and Lisp related
topics. Will include bits that didn't
make it into the book.

7:30pm ~ Coders at Work QA

7:45pm ~ &optional Belgian beer outside and around the corner at Lukas

Thanks for staying tuned, hope to see you there. For more info see: