June 12th, 2009

Linux Google Chrome beta

I got the Ubuntu Google chrome beta. It's really fast. A couple things about it surprised me.

First, I was surprised when apt-get upgrade automatically updated Chrome. The Chrome deb hooks into the apt update machinery, and adds a key to your approved key list. It even creates a crontab entry that restores the apt configuration:

# It creates the repository configuration file for package updates, and it
# monitors that config to see if it has been disabled by the overly aggressive
# distro upgrade process (e.g.  intrepid -> jaunty). When this situation is
# detected, the respository will be re-enabled.

Second, I heard that V8 was 32-bit only, and I have a 64-bit system. Is it 64-bit now? Nope. It installs a bunch of 32-bit libraries:

$ dpkg-query -L google-chrome-unstable | grep '\.so'

I was bummed it wasn't "real" 64-bit.