March 29th, 2009


I've made an effort to watch more movies at home and in the theater. Here are a few I've seen lately:

  • Alien - Shanna had never seen this before and she literally jumped out of her chair at one point. It holds up well.
  • Outland - This falls under the category "Movies I Thought Were Super-Awesome When I Was 14 But Which Do Not Hold Up To Modern Scrutiny." Alien used computers laughably, but sparingly. Outland just pushes it a little too much and is too distractingly off-target. The special effects suck too.
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Just as awesome today as 20 years ago. All the stunts were 100% dangerous and not done on a computer.
  • Primer - I heard this movie was cheaply made, but it didn't show. I really liked it, even if I couldn't keep up with it. It just felt menacing and terrible, even if I couldn't always figure out exactly how the characters were carrying out their menacing and terrible plans.
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God - Long ago there was a movie recommendation site where you would rate your favorite movies and it would suggest movies you would probably like. This movie came up all the the time but it took me until now to see it. Like the stunts in The Road Warrior, there's really no faking images of 100+ people creeping along a cliffside trail or wading through hip-deep mud. I liked it.
  • Watchmen - I liked it. I hadn't read the comic in several years.. Even though it's obvious that e.g. the 75-foot blue man striding across the Vietnam countryside is completely fake, I still enjoyed the spectacle of it all.
  • Slumdog Millionaire - I liked it, though throughout it all it felt like a very conventional story with an unconventional setting.
  • Quantum of Solace - I didn't like it that much. James Bond, populist eco-hero? WTF?
  • Superbad - More like Supergood!
  • The Wrestler - Some trailers made it look like it was mostly some kind of father-daughter tearjerker. I'm glad it wasn't, mostly.

And here's a semi-pointless exercise: trailer reviews! I don't actually seek out trailers, but they've been hard to avoid when I'm sitting in the theater.

  • Wolverine - Looks goofy to me. I thought the first X-Men was pretty good but it seems to be going downhill since then.
  • Star Trek - yawn
  • Terminator Salvation - The first trailers didn't do much for me, the latest one makes it look like hot shit.