January 18th, 2009

Buy your very own Symbolics Lisp Machine

I got this email from Tim Spriggs today, regarding his Lisp Machine:

I'm not exactly sure which model I have as it is on the other side of the country. The nickname that comes to mind is "The Air Conditioner" because it's big and loud.

In any case, I have to get rid of it finally (long story) and it is located in Tucson AZ.

Last time I turned it on (some years ago) I recall it booting into Genera. It's has a thicknet ethernet port on the back, some kind of tape device (with tapes) and lots of books on the OS/software. I even recall seeing an open telnet port when I looked at it.

It also has two hard disks inside that are add up to a couple hundred MB I think. Also I recall the memory on the machine was measured in mega words (since it is a 36-bit arch). I can remember the exact number anymore, I want to say 512 but then that's too perfect a number. Of course the original monochrome monitor/keyboard/mouse come as well.

If you'd like to buy it, email Tim and let him know.