December 17th, 2008

Miscellaneous Lisp roundup

  • Getting started in Common Lisp on Ubuntu is a decent guide to getting CLISP and SLIME running on Ubuntu, with Ubuntu packages
  • Daniel Herring wanted me to mention read-macros. It's not asdf-installable, is barely documented, doesn't include any version information, and uses a weird (for Lisp) license. Enjoy!
  • Alexander Lehmann created some highly regarded screencast tutorials about writing a ray tracer in Common Lisp. I love to see people doing stuff like this, but personally rarely find the time to actually sit down and watch them, which is frustrating. Alexander has created over five hours of Lisp tutorial material, so even if I don't find the time to watch it, you should.
  • Mikael Jansson wrote up the retro Lisp meeting in Stockholm.
  • Have you been looking for a really long list of websites powered by Lisp? Here's one such list, powered by Applied Stacks.
  • The Common Lisp Weekly News site has started, with two weeks summarized so far. I like it.