October 27th, 2008

Farm tripping

This weekend Shanna went shopping in New Hampshire with a bunch of female relatives so I was left to fend for myself with the two kids. I decided to visit my parents in Talmadge, which takes about three and a half hours to drive under ideal conditions.

The drive up Friday went well. Isaac slept the whole time, and Erik was reasonably well-behaved.

On Saturday I sat Erik in my lap while we drove the Jeep up over the hill to the woods. He ignored his freedom and the scenic vistas outside and started pawing around for a CD to listen to. He enjoyed running around in the woods and scuffling through all the crunchy, newly fallen leaves. He enjoyed the the treestand, partly: he enjoyed climbing up and did not enjoy actually being up high or climbing down.

He got a tractor ride, and a little later Tim's kids came to visit and he had fun herding chickens and ducks around the yard.

Isaac didn't miss out on the fun. My dad took us out to an old dump site in the woods, littered with (boring) rusted out cans and (interesting) bits of iron farming and household machinery. Some stuff was easy to identify (like parts from a wood-fired cooking range) and some stuff was a weird jumble of gears, bars, and other parts. One unidentified heavy iron object was stamped with "PATENTED 1876 AND 1878". Isaac didn't really appreciate the weird metal stuff but he enjoyed the ride.

There were a few minor glitches. On Sunday morning, around 5:45am, a rainstorm knocked out power. It was almost a new moon, and it was completely overcast, and Talmadge is in the middle of nowhere, so the house got absolutely pitch black. It was a frightening can't-tell-if-your-eyes-are-open-or-closed darkness. It freaked Erik out when he woke up to it, but fortunately by then we had some candles going and the woodstove burning, and it was more fun and different than frightening.

On the way home Isaac woke up about 40 miles from home. He was really ticked off so I pulled over to feed him and change his diaper. It took quite a while, and as I was getting him dressed I looked up and saw a state trooper waving in the passenger window. He saw the squirming four-month-old in the front and the wide-eyed three-year-old in the back and said "Hi there, I can see you have your hands full!" He stayed parked behind me with his lights on until I finished getting Isaac back in his seat and headed off down the highway.

Lots of fun. The weather was pleasant and mild for late October. The kids were good. I'm really tired now.