September 13th, 2008

Lisp executables

I'm glad Jasko made it easy for Cusp users to make executables, but I found his characterization of newbie interactions pretty insulting. I like to help people with Lisp stuff, and the conversation usually goes like this:

  • Q: "Does Lisp have a compiler?"
  • A: "Yes, you can use COMPILE or COMPILE-FILE..."
  • Q: "Awesome!" time passes "Wait, what I really want is something else..."
  • A: "Ok, you can do that with save-lisp-and-die, or cl-launch, and commercial Lisps make it pretty easy too..."
  • Q: "Cool, I'll check it out" or "If there isn't something exactly like gcc for Lisp, Lisp sucks!"
  • A: "Glad to help!" or "You can still get stuff done even without a single-file executable" or "Whatever, dude."