August 27th, 2008

Inspired by, I've just created

It has very little content of its own. Instead, it's a redirect service that provides relatively short, memorable URLs for index entries for a variety of Lisp software.

For example, you probably can't remember that the URL for section in the hyperspec is But now you don't have to! You can just link to instead. You can also link to symbols or format directives if you like.

A number of other projects are indexed. The current list includes cl, ccl (for the Clozure CL manual), cffi, clim, clisp, clx, sbcl, and hunchentoot.

This isn't a search service, it's for when you know the project and symbol you're looking for, and want to get to its documentation quickly. For search, try is new, and will evolve. I don't recommend making URLs a permanent part of your software's documentation, for example. But I hope the service will be handy if you are chatting with a friend and want to easily point to some documentation.

If you have a suggestion for or question about, let me know.