March 27th, 2008

Indiana Lisp meeting report

The meeting sounds like it was a success:

There were many questions for Tim and Tim afterwards. Everyone seemed to enjoy the demo. I want to thank Tim and Tim for coming, they did a really good job of presenting. Who knows, we may even have gained a couple new Lispers after a presentation like that. It really helped to observe how veteran Lispers wrote their code. It helped me confirm I was doing things right as well as showed me some things I didn’t know.

The Hamburg Lisp meeting was also last night. Tonight sees the Montréal meeting and the Berlin meeting. Tomorrow is the St. Louis meeting, Sunday is the Los Angeles meeting, and Monday is the Boston meeting! I wanted to go to all of them, but only Boston is feasible.

Check out the Lisp Meeting calendar if you want to know if there'll be a meeting soon near you.