March 19th, 2008

Lisp meetings galore plus one

I got a note from Paul Beel about a new meeting:

Well, we are kicking off our first meetup next week. We are calling it the Indiana State University Programming Meetup. This is our first time meeting. We hope to meet on an ongoing basis. This meetup is open to the public and always will be. So this is not only for students, this is for anyone that is interested in programming. The meeting will be held Wednesday, March 26th at Indiana State University, Root Hall in the Unix Lab. The meeting starts at 5:30pm. At this first meeting, pizza and soda will be provided.

It would be great if you could put it on the calendar and even blog about the details if you thought it deserved that.

I've added it to the Lisp Meeting calendar, too.

Can anyone tell me how the Bay Area Lispniks meeting went yesterday?