December 13th, 2007

My encounter with George Mitchell

In 1988, George Mitchell was re-elected to the Senate with 81% of the popular vote. As I understand it, Talmadge was the only town in Maine in which he failed to get a majority of votes. So he decided to visit us, population 50-ish, to talk about it.

He spoke at the little church across the street from our house. I don't remember anything except one snippet of Q&A:

Guy from down the street (shouting): "You support abortion, so you're down there dancing with the pimps and the whores and the witches on the shores of Eastwick!"

Mitchell, after a long pause: "That is a tactic known as, uhh, guilt by association, and I, uhh..."

Guy from down the street: "pwnd!!@!1"

Ok, I made up that last part.

(Afterwards my dad got him to sign an old basketball, since I guess Mitchell was a high school athlete. The ball's still out in the barn somewhere.)