October 18th, 2007

Instant Lisp Usenet classic

It's not a coincidence that many of my saved comp.lang.lisp articles are from Rob Warnock.

Ahhh, Kenny, Kenny, you're missing the whole point of "real"
(Schemish) continuations. Here's how your story *should* go,
which may help explain (or not):

0. You're slaving away on Cello version 72531.22.91 when you
   realize you've *got* to have some coffee, but you know you're
   going to be working all night and you only have enough cash
   left after buying that 42nd mongo flatpanel [needed to show
   off the full feature set of Cello version 72531.22.90] to
   buy one cup. Thankfully, you've been reading this thread,
   so you...

Full article.

Font of the Week: VAG Rounded

This week's font is VAG Rounded. It was created in 1979 for Volkswagen A.G. (VAG), and has soft, pretty rounded ends.

Today it's insanely popular for the logos of web startups! Check out the TechCrunch40 page:

(Jeers to Spott on that page for using Cooper Black. Ugh!)

Other companies using it in their logos:

Apple also uses it on their keyboards, so I used vecto to make up a set of MacBook key graphics:

VAG Rounded, everyone!

LL1 Classics

Patrick Collison has done the world a favor and collected some interesting threads from the LL1 list. Many of them are old, but none of them are boring. I like this flame from Scott McKay to Paul Graham:

As far as I can tell -- to borrow Rees's words -- you and he are anti-OO zealots trying to convince people like me that we are losers. Sorry, I don't buy it. Rees is preaching to a choir consisting mainly of you. If you don't like that OO is a "moving target", then use Arc as an opportunity to pin it down usefully and then move forward.

Full article.