July 6th, 2007

Customer service

Six months ago I got a Chase credit card with 0% interest until May, 2008. We put a bunch of unavoidable debt on it and have been paying off big chunks of it every month (about ten times the minimum payment each time).

This month the payment went out a couple days late, and we got whacked with a $39 late fee, cancellation of the promo 0% rate (setting it to 8.9%), and a $20 finance charge.

So, I called them up, listened to "Your call is important to us!" for ten minutes, and was quickly bounced to a second-level account rep.

Me: "I just got my bill. We had a late payment. I'd like to have my account reviewed and my promotional rate reinstated if possible."

Her: "Ok. I can review your account. [5 second pause.] I reviewed your account and we will restore the promotional rate, with the original terms, and expiring with the original date. This will take effect in two business days."

Me: [blink blink] "Thank you very much!"

Her: "And I cancelled the $39 late fee. Anything else we can help you with today?"