June 1st, 2007

From Emma

I got this note on a previous entry about rydis.

Subject: My brother

My name is Emma and I'm Rydis sister. (I'm not sure my english is OK, hope you understand) I'm sad to tell you that my brother drowned in february 24th 2007. He was on his way home from a concert but never came home. He was missing for 7 weeks, we were manny manny who searched for him night and day before he was found in the water. No one knows how he ended up in the water, but there is no evidence of crime or violence. We do not think he were suicidal, so everything points to accident. It was dark and slippery/snowy and the club he'd been to is in the harbour.

His funeral was a very bright and nice ceremony, we really tried to make it in his way. Everyday without him is a struggle. I miss him and love him. Thank you all for caring. /Emma