May 25th, 2007

Screw Web 2.0!

In 1993 I got two books about the Internet as gifts: the Whole Internet Guide and Catalog and The Internet for Dummies.

(I was really confused when trying to apply the Unix-centric worldview of the latter to the only Internet access I could find, through UMaine's VM/CMS mainframe.)

(The Dummies book was written by John R. Levine, who was, until recently, the mayor of Trumansberg, NY. He was ousted in March in a skatepark-related controversy. I love this quote from John: "A surprising number of people in the village thought that this absurd petition [to remove the mayor from office] actually had some merit.")

The Dummies book had a 5th Wave cartoon showing a bunch of pipe-smoking nuns on computers. The gag was that any niche, no matter how small, could find a home on an alt Usenet group.

Screw Web 2.0! I think LiveJournal communities are Usenet 2.0.

roflbot has been spreading slowly on LiveJournal to communities dedicated to the original meme of putting text on cat pictures. But through referer checking I've discovered that there's a livejournal community dedicated specifically to image macros of suggesting captions for pictures of the 10th Dr. Who, 10captions. Not just image macros captions on Dr. Who in general. To play in their playground you must specifically work with the tenth doctor. Get out of town with your ninth doctor crap! That belongs somewhere else!