May 22nd, 2007

roflbot downs and ups

roflbot has been, statistically speaking, my biggest wigflip flop. It's had little traction on (compared to other projects of mine) and was DOA on digg. Traffic has been meager.

This is probably due to jumping on the very tail end of an oversaturated meme that already has at least one firmly established web tool. Roflbot's interface is also somewhat confusing, and was even worse when it had its highest exposure via stumbleupon.

That said, there have been some high points. Several lj communities have discovered roflbot and are making amusing stuff.

My favorite recent one is this twisted variation in cat_macros.

There have also been roflbot sprees in caturday and petbulls.

If you like roflbot and think more people should check it out, won't you spread the word? Do it for the cats.

handy tips

kill -WINCH $$ has unscrambled bash more than few times for me.

When I say "scrambled", I mean that long lines typed into the command line wrap in the wrong place and the display gets progressively more screwed up as you type.

I don't mean in the "switched to wrong character set" sense of scrambled.

That is all.