April 18th, 2007


Edi Weitz has released CL-WEBDAV, a WebDAV server written in Common Lisp. Here's what he writes about its genesis:
I was asked to give a tutorial at the International Lisp Conference 2007 in Cambridge, and - as it was about Hunchentoot - spent two nights in March to come up with a nice example of what one could do with Hunchentoot. The result was basically a working, albeit shaky version of what CL-WEBDAV is now. (I chose a WebDAV server because I had already written one in, cough, Perl a couple of years before, so I more or less knew what I had to do.)

I ended up not using CL-WEBDAV for the tutorial, though, as I came to the conclusion that there was too much stuff in it that would distract from the actual subject. But as it was more or less complete, I invested some more time for testing, polishing, cleanup, and documentation, and then released it.

Looks cool to me.