April 2nd, 2007

International Lisp Conference: Day 2

I continued not to attend the International Lisp Conference. Bummer!

If you are at ILC07, please take a lot of photos and upload them to flickr and put them in the ILC07 pool (by joining the ILC07 group and selecting "Send to group" from a photo page). That way we can all vicariously enjoy the sights of Cambridge! (I'm talking to you, Chris Wright!)

update There's an entire ILC 2007-specific blog. Why don't people tell me about these things?

update 2 Another one! And why hasn't anyone on Planet Lisp blogged about MACL yet? Grr!


mint.net's DNS finally expired, and some domain parker snapped it up. Bummer.

Once upon a time I thought about making a grab for it myself, since wanted my xach@mint.net email back. But after I grabbed qsilver.net I learned that old domains are mostly big spampits. No thanks.