March 23rd, 2007

Failure & success

As I mentioned, the Franklin sporting show was sparsely attended. There were a couple excuses offered by various people.

First, we had the first good weather in weeks, and a lot of people who might be interested in a hunting & fishing show were on the lake ice fishing.

Second, the Benoit brothers weren't attending. I'd never heard of them (I'm a computer nerd, after all), but Peter said they were famous to anyone who knew anything about whitetail hunting in the northeast. They're like the Wilt Chamberlain of shooting deer. The Benoit brothers are going to be at the show this weekend in Wilton.

Third, they didn't get the thrilling exhibit Forever Locked: The Story of The Battling Bull Moose of Fowlertown. I'm sorry I missed this; they have what looks like a lot of equipment invested in carting two life-size mounted bull moose around to various places. People come from miles around to see it.