March 16th, 2007

movitz status report

Here's a bit from Frode's email to movitz-devel:
  • First of all, activity has picked up a bit the last month or so. So this is a great time to jump on the bandwagon :-)
  • The Wiki is open for business:
  • The IRC channel is #movitz on
  • I have more or less migrated my primary development environment to SBCL and SLIME, and so I made the effort to polish the Movitz tools for this setup. See
  • Some recent developments are: Much better &key argument parsing in (compiled) functions, improved floppy bootloader, VGA graphics (, and improved keyboard driver by Shawn Betts. Reportedly, Mr. Betts has also successfully implemented preemptive thread switching.
  • My own development focus currently is to invent a reasonable mechanism for waiting/blocking. The current busy-looping nature of movitz kernels is clearly the biggest wart on the system.
  • While I have nothing concrete to show for it, I have been thinking that adding/porting Movitz to 64-bit x86 would be very interesting. (Not to mention there is a window of opportunity now while our main competitor Microsoft is struggling to port their legacy systems.)

That's it for now, happy hacking to all,