October 11th, 2006

specialty magazines

I've run across a few websites that have pretty ridiculous levels of shaving information. They are dedicated, it seems, to the concept that shaving is a manly rite of self-pampering that demands a great deal of thought and the involvment of exotic and expensive equipment.

It makes me want to mock up a Matt Groening- or Ruben Bolling-style fake magazine cover: "Blade: The Magazine For Those Who Shave". Or maybe "Blade: Shave Excellent".

Possible article ideas:

  • Damascus steel: are you worth it? Yes!
  • Brushes: Is a synthetic your future? We review seven up-and-comers!
  • Distancing yourself from the "Schillette" crowd
  • Cleaning German strop oil from your moleskine
  • Five lotions under $50

You get the idea.