August 15th, 2006

friends 4 life

Man, ask a dude to stop posting rants on IRC, and he goes crazy.

09:42 <gimbal> y'know something that ain't fun? SGML hacking
09:44 <gimbal> pardon my rant. I'm trying to, like, glue together a bunch of individual documents -- trying to figure out how to do this, in the while - to document all of the stuff just to one Tioga Auxiliary Library codebase; so far, I have a roadmap and reference for the tal-base and tal-lang parts -- just realized, I might have to split every part of the refs per each part, so as to be able to assemble them into system-specific 'book' items
09:44 <gimbal> within a parent document. i, i took the documentary route mapped onto sgml, less traveled or not
09:44 <Xach> gimbal: please stop going off on rants like that.
09:44 <Xof> shut the fuck up
09:44 <gimbal> Xach: fuck off, then
09:44 <Xach> whether it's sgml or debian, it's inappropriate here.
09:44 <Xach> gimbal: that's not really an option.
09:45 <gimbal> Xach: public fucking forum; it doesn't seem to be a problem; trying to not trigger your lordly instinct, either
09:46 *** mode/#lisp [+o Xof] by ChanServ
09:46 <nyef> gimbal: You've been steadily pissing people off with that sort of crap for days or more.
09:46 <Xof> people who say "this is a public forum so I have a right to do whatever I like" deserve to be spanked
09:46 *** mode/#lisp [+b *!*n=area51@*] by Xof
09:46 *** gimbal was kicked from #lisp by cliini [cliini]

This transaction led to:

  • Xach is a crybaby
  • what kind of cheap shit from a #isper, today?, which includes:
    • "Once I have understood a behavior of the person -- one being a jackass or fair in manner -- that, then, is the end of the first cognitive concern."
    • "3A) I cannot but expect to encounter more rude, just plain rude character of Common Lisp programmers"
    • "It might be anchored in upbrinring. It might be anchored in upbrinring, recognized."
    • "and some will l0rd it over whomever they think they can pull that on -- that is not the end of it, and sure is not the cause."

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