July 31st, 2006

new lispworks

I just saw the LispWorks 5.0 announcement on the mailing list. Here's an excerpt:

LispWorks 5.0 brings these new features:

  • Support for Intel-based Macintosh machines and universal binaries
  • New 64-bit implementations on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms
  • A new port, LispWorks for FreeBSD
  • Improved architecture on x86 Windows and Linux platforms bringing enhanced performance
  • Lisp processes use pthreads on Linux and FreeBSD
  • Better CAPI dialogs on Cocoa and a host of new CAPI features on all platforms
  • Support for Windows XP(R) themes
  • New Symbol Browser and Tracer tools
  • A new Application Delivery tool, helping you to build your LispWorks applications
  • Native support for Oracle(R) OCI, Oracle LOBs and MySQL in Common SQL
  • Support for multithreading and truth maintenance in KnowledgeWorks(R)

LispWorks 5.0 continues to offer excellent value with no runtime license fees. A maintenance package is available offering best value on future upgrades.

Cool. Unfortunately, the Personal Edition won't be out until later in the year.

update 30 bit fixnums, too!


There's an unofficial genre of non-fiction where titles generally follow a certain sensational form: "The Dusty War: How Coal Changed the Course of World War 2" or "Slice and Dice: Scissors in the Past, Scissors Today". The authors all seem to be science or technology journalists who have picked a topic (often nerdy) and studied it until they dig out something the general public might want to read.

My current favorite favorite fake title in this style is "Upchuck: Dr. Heimlich and the Maneuver that Saved Millions".

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He's back.
Nokia needs to move AWAY from Hildon/GNOME if they want to see any real end-user development. Simply put, Hildon and GNOME are both terrible ideas. One is strange and convoluted, the other is just blain useless bloat. Nothing stops the 770 from looking and behaving as a standard GNUStep'ish desktop, with fully draggable, resizable windows no different than any other Linux desktop. With the 770 stuck carrying the Hildon/GNOME 800 pound gorilla around, we're essentially pegged into somebody else's idea of good GUI design....which, in and of itself by definition is a bad GUI design.

A whole fifty dollars?