June 30th, 2006

coast to coast

Port Gamble, Washington is a sort of clone of Machias, Maine, 3000 miles away. In 1853 a couple lumbermen moved from Maine to Washington, and brought along many of their workers. Port Gamble grew in the style of a New England village, and there's an old Episcopal church there that is a copy of the old Congregational church in East Machias.

nothing exceeds like excess

The U-2 spy plane is really hard to fly and land. As part of the standard landing procedure, a backup pilot, driving a sports car, races along the runway behind the descending aircraft and radios altitude information to the active pilot. They started out using El Caminos, switched to Mustangs, and now use Camaros or GTOs.

I used to know an Army captain who would occasionally discuss the nature of prestigious parts of the military. He said, "If someone in special forces said they needed 100 ATVs, they would get 100 ATVs, no questions asked."

The wacky requirements of U-2 landings reminds me of that.