June 27th, 2006

common-lisp.net in limbo

common-lisp.net, the site that hosts many useful Common Lisp services, is in the middle of a domain transfer gone slightly awry:
The domain name was owned by Nikodemus Siivola. I wanted it transferred to me so I could use the donated money to pay for the registration. We initiated the transfer and it was approved (go to enom.com's whois information and you'll see it's still in PENDINGTRANSFER). The transfer takes up to 6 days. Today is day 7 and it's still not complete. It also happened to expire today so Enom.com put up a directory of ads on under common-lisp.net. As soon as the transfer is complete good old common-lisp.net will be back. The domain name is not stolen or in any danger of being stolen.

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